Newsroom - Glossary of Industry Terms

APPA - American Public Power Association, trade association for public power utilities

BPA - Bonneville Power Administration, federal power agency serving Pacific Northwest

EEI - Edison Electric Institute, trade association for investor-owned utilities

EPAct - Energy Policy Act; refers to comprehensive federal energy law enacted in 2005 and an earlier one in 1992

EPRI - Electric Power Research Institute

EPSA - Electric Power Supply Association, trade association for non-utility independent power producers

FERC - Federal Energy Regulatory Commission; agency that regulates wholesale electric markets of investor-owned utilities

FPA - Federal Power Act; 1935 law governing electric utilities

G&T - generation and transmission; large cooperative utility that  generates and delivers electricity to smaller distribution co-ops

GW - gigawatt; one billion watts

IOU - investor-owned utility

IPP - independent power producer

ISO - independent system operator; an organization that operates electricity markets over a portion of the transmission grid

ISO-NE - Independent System Operator- New England; the FERC-certified regional transmission organization serving New England states

JAA - joint action agency; a state-authorized organization serving power supply needs of municipal electric utilities

kV - kilovolt; the measure of the capability of a transmission line to deliver electricity

kW - kilowatt; a unit of power equal to 1,000 watts

kWh - the energy expended in one hour by one kilowatt of power

LMP - locational marginal pricing; a rate for electric transmission that reflects the availability of transmission to a given destination

MISO - Midwest Independent System Transmission Operator; a FERC-certified regional transmission organization

MW - megawatt; one million watts

MWh - the energy expended in one hour by one megawatt of power

NARUC - National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners

NASUCA - National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates

NERC - North American Electric Reliability Council, umbrella organization for regional reliability groups in the United States and Canada

NRECA - National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, trade association of rural electric cooperatives

NYISO - New York Independent System Operator; operates the grid in New York state

OATT - open-access transmission tariff; a general rate for electric transmission service for third parties

PMA - power marketing administration; refers to the four federal power agencies that market hydroelectric power from federal dams

PUC or PSC - public utility commission or public service commission; state regulatory body