rp3What is the RP3 Industry Support Council?

The RP3 Industry Support Council is comprised of industry partners whose primary business function complements the RP3 Program’s mission and purpose. Partner participation and input is critical to the program’s success. 

Who can participate in the RP3 Industry Support Council?

To participate in the RP3 Industry Support Council, an organization must be an APPA corporate associate member. Annual corporate associate dues are $3,000; $1,500 if your company meets federal Small Business Administration standards. Information on membership benefits and an application form can be found here.

Why should my company belong to the RP3 Industry Support Council?

By participating in the RP3 Industry Support Council, you will have special access to and visibility with decision-makers who are interested in improving their utility’s safety and reliability. The benefits of participating in the council include:

  • logo on the RP3 homepage on PublicPower.org;
  • logo included in annual Public Power magazine ad congratulating designees;
  • logo on signage at the annual Engineering & Operations Technical Conference and National Conference & Public Power Expo;
  • logo in RP3 designee kits;
  • invitation to exclusive RP3 Industry Support Council events;
  • annual mailing list of RP3 designees; and
  • RP3 Industry Support Council Question Data Annual Report

Participation is particularly beneficial for companies that focus on:

  • infrastructure improvements based on outage data evaluation;
  • aging cable and equipment replacement;
  • safety equipment and training;
  • Workman’s Comp Insurance Programs;
  • Automatic External Defibulators (AED);
  • NERC compliance evaluation;
  • security of infrastructure and cyber facilities;
  • succession planning;
  • work force development;
  • disaster preparedness;
  • research and design of leading technologies;
  • tree-trimming programs;
  • reliability monitoring;
  • wildlife protection;
  • long-term system planning studies and evaluations; and
  • pole and transformer maintenance.

Getting Started

Simply complete and return the RP3 Industry Support Council application located in this brochure. If your company is not currently an APPA corporate associate member, you will need to complete and return this membership application form as well.

For more information about the RP3 Industry Support Council
Pamela Cowen
Manager, Membership & Marketing

RP3 Industry Support Council Members

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