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APPA Product Store offers two publications discussing cyber security and smart grid

Summer 2013
Vol. 13, No. 3

he APPA Product Store offers Cyber Security Essentials and Smart Grid Essentials--two publications discussing issues with developing 21st century power systems. 
Cyber Security Essentials-A Public Power Primer provides an overview of cyber security concepts and issues affecting public power utilities, including trends and recent incidents. It also contains case studies and recommendations on protecting your utility from cyber attack. Important topics covered include  cyber myths, philosophy and culture of cyber security and current and future regulatory and industry frameworks. The publication also contains a glossary of frequently used acronyms.
Smart Grid Essentials-A Public Power Primer can help public power utilities with unravel the mystery that surrounds the smart grid for vertically integrated utility or load-serving entities. The book discusses demand-side issues and how the smart grid relates to distribution, transmission and generation. 
For more information or to purchase these publications, contact the APPA Product Store at or call 202/467-2926. – MATTHEW KONJOIAN


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