People to People

Hub discussion groups focus on HR, training and many other topics

Winter 2013
Vol. 13

Are you one of the 334 public power HR managers on APPA's Hub discussion group for human resource personnel? If not, visit and register now to join the HR discussion group and others. The Hub, public power's online meeting place, has more than three dozen discussion groups designed to allow personnel from public power utilities across the nation to pose questions to colleagues and share ideas.

Recent online discussions in the HR group have looked at tuition assistance and records retention policies, exit checklists and salary surveys.  Each community has its own library of documents,  which enriches the opportunity for discussion group members to share resources.

The Hub is much more than an email list-serve. It has a social media look and feel. Participants can complete a personal profile, post a photo of themselves and thus create a stronger sense of identity with industry colleagues who are scattered across the country. 

The Hub also features a discussion group/community for utility training personnel and a safety group. Visit the Hub and sign up for the groups that reflect your interests.


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Vice President, Human Resources & Administration 
Deborah White 

Manager, Human Resources 
Diane Blackwell