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New Braunfels Utilities achieves 2 full years with no lost-time accidents

Winter 2013
Vol. 13

On Jan. 18, employees of New Braunfels Utilities in Texas achieved 730 days with no lost-time accidents. That represents two full years without an on-the-job injury severe enough to keep an employee from returning to work. 

In a business that faces daily challenges such as working with large equipment, high voltage, traffic, tough weather conditions, hazardous chemicals and enclosed spaces, employees of the municipal utility "have once again shown their commitment to safety on the job," NBU said.

All employees must be "extremely vigilant and perform their duties correctly to protect against accidents," said NBU Communications Manager Gretchen Reuwer. "Their ongoing efforts to perform their jobs properly and safely have allowed us to accomplish over 838,400 hours without a lost-time incident."

The focus on safety at New Braunfels Utilities continues: the next goal is 1 million hours with no lost-time accidents, a goal the utility hopes to achieve in mid-May.

"Everyone is very proud of the accomplishments we have made, but we also know the health and safety of our employees is the real prize," Reuwer said. "Our employees will continue to focus on all the things that have gotten us this far: safe work practices, vigilance, awareness of others and commitment to the task at hand."—JEANNINE ANDERSON


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