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EPA's greenhouse gas regulations for existing power plants open for comment today

From the June 18, 2014 issue of Public Power Daily

Originally published June 18, 2014

By Jeannine Anderson
Editor, Public Power Daily

The Environmental Protection Agency's two proposed new rules setting carbon limits for power plants will be published in the Federal Register today, marking the beginning of a 120-day public comment period for both proposals. Comments will be due on Oct. 16.

The two rules are the Carbon Pollution Emission Guidelines for Existing Stationary Sources: Electric Utility Generating Units and the Carbon Pollution Standards for Modified and Reconstructed Stationary Sources: Electric Utility Generating Units.

Under the carbon rule for existing power plants, which was announced by the EPA on June 2, existing fossil-fuel-fired power plants would have to reduce their carbon emissions by approximately 30 percent from 2005 levels by 2030. (See EPA issues proposed rule on CO2 emissions from existing power plants, in the June 3 Public Power Daily.)

For more on the rule for modified and reconstructed power plants, see the June 3 Public Power Daily.


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