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In TV interview, Di Stasio details SMUD's experience with renewables, dynamic rates

May 30, 2014

By Jeannine Anderson
Closing the Rancho Seco nuclear power plant in the 1980s started the Sacramento Municipal Utility District on a path to acquiring renewable energy resources early, former SMUD CEO John Di Stasio said in a recent TV interview with Platts Energy Week. 

"We bought enough [renewables] early on that we were able to bank some," said Di Stasio, who retired from the California utility in April. 

In the interview with Platts, Di Stasio also discussed California's requirements for renewable resources and talks about the utility's adoption of time-of-use rates. SMUD's experiment with dynamic pricing "has exceeded our expectations," he said. By offering this type of pricing, the municipal utility is trying "to provide a better match between the price people pay and the price we pay." 

SMUD is the first big utility in the state to get more than 20 percent of its power from renewable sources, and has implemented some of the most aggressive energy efficiency programs in the United States, the Platts report notes.


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