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Alamo 2 solar plant generating power for San Antonio

From the March 17, 2014 issue of Public Power Daily

Originally published March 17, 2014

By Jeannine Anderson

A second Texas solar farm, Alamo 2, is now generating power northeast of downtown San Antonio. Alamo 2, built by OCI Solar Power, is the second phase of the 400 megawatts the solar company is developing for CPS Energy as part of a 25-year power purchase agreement.

"The Alamo 2 solar farm moves us another step closer to making clean, carbon-free energy an even larger part of our diversified generation portfolio", said Cris Eugster, chief generation and strategy officer for CPS Energy. "This project also builds on our model of co-locating solar farms with waste water facilities."

OCI Solar Power developed the 4.4-MW solar farm in collaboration with the San Antonio River Authority (SARA), on a 45-acre parcel of land near the organization's Upper Martinez Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Using the wastewater treatment plant land for a solar farm "is a sustainable use for the property, while providing another example of the synergy created when public services unite for the greater community benefit," said SARA General Manager Suzanne Scott. "We look forward to similar future partnership opportunities."
Additional phases of the 400-MW OCI Solar Power project are in various stages of development. The 41-MW Alamo 1 solar farm has been generating power on the city’s South Side since December. Alamo 3 will begin construction in San Antonio this year, and Alamo 4 is a 39-MW project currently under construction in Brackettville, Texas.

Once complete in 2016, the entire OCI project will power 10 percent of San Antonio homes. CPS Energy currently has 85 MW of solar power in commercial operation.



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