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From the March 14, 2014 issue of Public Power Daily

Originally published March 14, 2014

A news story in our March 10 issue, "Wind transforms public power city to all renewables," cited an article in Public Power magazine saying that the city of Greensburg, Kan., is relying on wind energy for 100 percent of its electricity. The article did not mention that the city relies on backup power from the grid. The magazine article has been revised to explain how the backup works.

The Greensburg Wind Farm, owned by Exelon Corp., supplies the city with wind power. While Greensburg does not own the wind farm, it benefits from the energy credits, which allow it to claim its 100 percent renewable status.

Greensburg is grid-connected and part of the Kansas Power Pool, which the wind farm feeds into. When the wind isn’t blowing, Greensburg pulls power off the grid. When the wind farm produces more than Greensburg can use, the wind power flows to other Kansas Power Pool users.



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