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January 7, 2014

By Jeannine Anderson

The Environmental Protection Agency's final rule on the treatment of carbon dioxide used for carbon capture and sequestration appears in the Jan. 3 Federal Register. The new rule, issued in December, will go into effect on March 4. It says that CO2 captured from emission sources will be excluded from the agency's hazardous waste regulations if the CO2 is injected underground via Underground Injection Control Class VI wells approved for the purpose of geologic sequestration under the Safe Water Drinking Act. (See theJan. 2 Public Power Daily.) The EPA also has released draft guidance for public comment that provides information regarding transitioning Class II wells used to inject carbon dioxide for oil and gas development to Class VI wells used for carbon capture and sequestration. The agency will take comments on the draft guidance until March 1. More information on the final rule is posted on the EPA's website



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