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FERC approves revised standard on shedding nonconsequential load

From the October 21, 2013 issue of Public Power Daily

Originally published October 21, 2013

By Robert Varela
Editorial Director

Ending a thorny proceeding, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved a revised mandatory reliability standard that will allow a transmission planner to shed nonconsequential load in response to a single "contingency" event. The North American Electric Reliability Corp. standard (TPL-001) establishes "specific quantitative and qualitative parameters for the permissible use of planned non-consequential load loss to address bulk electric system performance issues, including firm limitations on the maximum amount of load that an entity may plan to shed," the commission said in its Oct. 17 order.

The commission largely approved the proposed standard as filed, but directed NERC to revise the standard to address concerns that it "could exclude planned maintenance outages of significant facilities from future planning assessments."

Commissioner Cheryl LaFleur highlighted the case as "an example in which NERC and the industry proposed an ‘equally efficient and effective’ alternative solution to address a concern articulated by the commission." NERC’s proposal "reflects the careful balancing of reliability and cost to customers," she said. "It also respects the complementary roles of federal and state regulators in balancing those considerations."

In March 2010, FERC had directed NERC to revise its standards to bar shedding of nonconsequential load to address a single contingency except under certain limited circumstances, but the industry had objected strongly.

The order is posted on the commission's website



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