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Industry urges FERC to retire some reliability requirements, adopt criteria for future withdrawals

From the August 29, 2013 issue of Public Power Daily

Originally published August 29, 2013

By Robert Varela
Editorial Director

APPA and other electric industry associations support the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s proposal to approve the retirement of 34 reliability requirements and to withdraw 41 directives to revise reliability standards. "These proposals reflect recognition that many of the existing requirements and many of the outstanding directives are no longer necessary to assure the reliability of the bulk-power system," APPA, the Edison Electric Institute, Electricity Consumers Resource Council, Electric Power Supply Association, Large Public Power Council, and Transmission Access Policy Study Group said in Aug. 27 joint comments.

The proposal is consistent with ongoing efforts by the commission and North American Electric Reliability Corp. to allocate resources to those issues that pose the greatest risk to the reliability of the bulk power system, the associations said.

The commission should develop new criteria for withdrawing its directives, to align them more closely with the criteria used for retiring existing reliability requirements, and apply those criteria to all outstanding directives, APPA and the others said. They recommended adopting criteria for withdrawal of directives based on whether a directive:

  • would do little, if anything, to benefit or protect reliability; or
  • is redundant or unduly burdensome.

With the maturation of the North American electric reliability organization, "it is clearer now than it might have been in the past that reliability standards and the associated directives that do not serve reliability should be withdrawn or retired, to ensure that the [electric reliability organization] and stakeholders are focused on the development of high quality, technically sound, results-based standards," the associations said.


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