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EPA proposes changes to MATS requirements for new plants

From the December 6, 2012 issue of Public Power Daily

Originally published December 6, 2012

The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed to revise mercury and air toxics emissions limits for new coal- and oil-fired power plants that will be built in the future. The proposal does not change the final emission limits for existing power plants under the agency’s Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS). EPA projects that the proposed new limits will result in no significant change in costs, emission reductions or health benefits from MATS. The agency said in July that it would reconsider its monitoring requirements and emissions limits for new coal-fired power plants under MATS.

In addition to some minor technical corrections, EPA also proposed to revise and clarify requirements that apply during periods of startup and shutdown under MATS and startup and shutdown for particulate matter in the Utility New Source Performance Standards. In comments filed with EPA last year, APPA raised concerns about startup and shutdown provisions in the proposed rule.

EPA is accepting comments on the proposal until Dec. 31. The proposed rule is available on the agency’s website.


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