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FERC to hold technical conference on quarterly reporting rule

From the November 15, 2012 issue of Public Power Daily

Originally published November 15, 2012

By Robert Varela
Editorial Director
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will hold a technical conference Dec. 12 to help market participants comply with its Order 768, revising its quarterly reporting requirements for wholesale electricity sales and extending those requirements to public power and other nonjurisdictional utilities with annual wholesale sales of more than 4 million megawatt-hours. The first half of the conference is intended for new filers, while the second half will focus on refinements to the existing requirements.

The session for new filers will provide introductory and background information about the electric quarterly reports and the current data fields. The data fields call for information on seller and customer names, contract data, transaction data, product type, quantity and rate.

The second session will look at changes to the requirements, including new data fields. The requirements for these data fields will include (1) reporting the trade date and type of rate; (2) identifying the exchange used for a sales transaction, if applicable; (3) reporting whether a broker was used to consummate a transaction; (4) reporting electronic tag identification data; and (5) reporting standardized prices and quantities for energy, capacity and booked-out power transactions.

APPA and the Large Public Power Council last month asked FERC to clarify that it will phase in quarterly reporting requirements for public power utilities after it replaces its software for filing the reports. (See the Oct. 24 Public Power Daily). They also urged the commission to hold a technical conference on the issue of reporting e-Tag identification data for each transaction, as requested by the Edison Electric Institute and Electric Power Supply Association.


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