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APPA collects top communicators’ salary data

Fall 2013
Vol. 31, No. 4

Sixty-four public power utilities provided information on communications directors’ salaries for APPA’s 2013 annual salary compensation survey.

Survey results reflect information reported as of May 2013. The communications director was defined as the person responsible for internal and external utility communications, including informational programs directed toward the public, media, government, and employees; and the utility’s publications. No information was collected about the communications positions for utilities with less than $15 million in annual electric revenues because these utilities typically have fewer managerial positions.

A total of 335 utilities responded to the 2013 Survey of Management Salaries in Local Publicly Owned Utilities, which collected information on 23 occupations for the 196 utilities with $15 million or more in annual electric revenues.

"Since the composition of utilities included in the survey of management salaries changes each year, it can be misleading to compare results between years," cautions APPA Manager of Policy Research and Analysis Paul Zummo.

Revenue Class (Millions)
Number of Responses
Mean First Quartile Median Third Quartile
Total 64 97,055 72,337 93,163 110,541
$15 to $25 2 a b a b
$25 to $50 13 89,019 72,900 86,765 101,608
$50 to $100 18 77,916 58,308 83,198 91,767
$100 or more 31 113,971 87,439 109,179 132,542
Note a: Means and medians are not calculated for fewer than 5 responses.
Note b: Quartiles are not calculated for fewer than 9 responses.

The table above shows the mean, median and quartile values for communications salaries by revenue class. For more information, contact Tobias Sellier, communications specialist, at 202/467-2927;

2013 joint action agency communications salaries
APPA’s 2013 Joint Action Agency Salary Survey gathered data on compensation for 16 joint action agency employment categories. Of the 30 responses received, 14 agencies provided information about agency communications directors’ salaries.

The table shows the mean, median, and quartile values for joint action agency communications salaries.

JAA Survey Number of Responses Mean First Quartile Median Third Quartile
Communications Director 14 108,415 77,601 108,623 126,134




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