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Getting the most mileage out of RP3 designation

Winter 2013
Vol. 31, No. 1

By Teresa Corlew, vice president customer care at Nashville, Tenn., Electric Service.  NES serves more than 360,000 customers in Middle Tennessee.

As one of only a handful of public power utilities to earn the American Public Power Association’s highest honor –the Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3) Diamond Award, we are proud to promote our accomplishment to employees and to Nashville Electric Service customers, business leaders and elected officials.  

"It is an honor to be a national RP3 Diamond designee and to join the approximately four percent of the nation’s public utilities that have achieved this status," said Decosta Jenkins, NES president and CEO. "This recognition is a tremendous testimony to both the support and leadership of our board and the hard work of our employee and management team.  We stress the importance of the award whenever and wherever we are able to do so."

News releases to the local media and letters to local government officials initially announced NES’ achievement.  Notices were also posted on the NES website and on Facebook and Twitter.  The four judging criteria are specifically pointed out – reliability, safety, workforce development and system improvement – as well as the fact that NES achieved the RP3 Diamond status by attaining 100 percent of these requirements.

In addition, the local daily newspaper, the Tennessean, carried an article by NES CEO Jenkins thanking employees for their efforts to earn the award.  We also placed advertisements in local print publications and on radio stations, and prominently featured our accomplishment in the utility’s monthly bill insert, "Power Notes."  We also announced the award in the NES News, the utility’s employee newsletter that is mailed to the homes of all employees.  

To remind employees and customers of our RP3 achievement, NES created 12" X 23" magnets for NES vehicles and trucks to serve as rolling billboards on the approximately 400 service vehicles that travel the roads of our community every day.  The RP3 award, and what it takes to earn it, is explained on the NES website, and we have YouTube videos of CEO Jenkins stressing the importance of the award and thanking employees for the hard work behind it.  

NES always points to our RP3 Diamond designation in the normal course of our communication with employees, customers, elected officials and business leaders, and with the financial markets when we finance or refinance bonds. RP3 is proof NES is a well-run organization that represents the highest level of safe and reliable service to our community.


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