2013 Customer Connections Presentations

Nov. 3-6, 2013
Hilton Portland and Executive Tower | Portland, Ore.

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Download the Conference program [pdf]

David Aaroe, Fortis Construction Inc., Data Centers — Global and Local, 14 pp

Weston Arndt, WPPI Energy, Finding Partners in Providing Energy Analysis for Your C&I Customer, 27 pp

Curt Atkins, Waverly Light and Power, Best Practices in Energy Efficiency Program Design, Administration and Evaluation 7 pp

Mark Beauchamp, Utility Financial Solutions, Trends in Incentive Rates and Green Power, 22 pp

Larry Blaufus, Clark Public Utilities, Getting Internal Buy-in for Your Key Accounts Program, 23 pp

Nate Boettcher, NISC, Trends in Mobile Apps and Websites, 34 pp

Tom Buckley, Burlington Electric Department, Municipal Financing of Customer Energy Projects, 10 pp

Tony Cannon, Greenville Utilities Commission, Linking Key Accounts with Legislators and Policymakers, 33 pp

Wade Carey, Central Lincoln PUD, Using Energy Services Offerings to Attract and Retain Business Customers, 25 pp

Beth Carlson, WPPI Energy, On-Bill Financing of Customer Efficiency Projects with Shared Savings, 18 pp

Mark Crisson, American Public Power Association, The Challenges Facing Public Power, 14 pp

Maggie Davis, Greater Portland, Marketing the Greater Portland Region, 15 pp

Harold DePriest, EPB, Linking Customers and Policymakers, 13 pp

Robert Dupuy, Interface Engineering, A Landscape Made of Living People, 39 pp

Roger Farrer and Plama Lough, Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority, High-bill and Weather Data Projects, 27 pp

Jeff Feldt, Kaukauna Utilities, Using Energy Services to Attract and Retain Business Customers, 24 pp

Stephen Frantz, SMUD, SMUD's Shared Solar Program, 11 pp

Garry Golden, Professional Futurist, The Art & Science of Looking at the Future Customer Experience, 56 pp

Jeff Haas, LeAnne Nienhuis and Ursula Schryver, American Public Power Association, Positioning Your Utility to Succeed in  Sellout Evaluation, 31 pp

Roseann Harrington, OUC, Catapulting Forward: Leveraging Technology to Improve Customer Experience and Lower Costs, 36 pp

Roseann Harrington and Jenise Osani, OUC, Getting in the Hands of Customers, pp 30

Tom Hovde, Snohomish County PUD, Building Internal Support for a Key Accounts Team, 23 pp

Liz Jambor, Austin Energy, Austin Energy Web-Enabled App and Green Button Compliance, 9 pp

Puesh Kumar, American Public Power Association, Strategies to Avoid Smart Grid Backlash from Customers, 21 pp

Jason LaStella, Energy Orbit, Energy Efficiency Program Design, Administration and Evaluation, 22 pp

Richard Levick, Levick Strategic Communications, New Strategies for Effective Public Communications, 19 pp

Tom Long, San Antonio Economic Development Foundation, The Culture of Business, 14 pp

Kevin Martin, NC State University Energy Solutions, Finding Partners in Providing Energy Analyses for Your C&I Cusotmers, 33 pp

Seth Martindale, CBRE Economic Incentives Group, California: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly, 38 pp

Brent McKinney, City Utilities of Springfield, DEED Renewable Project, 13 pp

Shayla McNeill, GRU, Public Records Issues, pp 27

Mary Medeiros McEnroe, Silicon Valley Power, When Energy Efficiency Makes Sense for C&I Customers, 17 pp

Jill Miles, Business Oregon, High Tech Marketing for Economic Development, 12 pp

Mike Monzingo, ElectrCities, Electricities Annual Conference Presentation, pp 30

Jeff Nelson, Springfield Utility Board, Medical Cluster Case Study, pp 12

Tim O'Brien, Omaha Public Power District, Learning from Data Center Magnet Communities, 14 pp

Penny Reynolds, Ten Strategies for Improving Call Center Performance, 26 pp

Seth Roberts, Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation, Talking Customers Through High Bill Complaints, 24 pp

Sanchez Santana, CPS Energy, Trends in Incentive Rates and Green Power, 10 pp

Juditch Schwartz, To the Point, Strategies to Avoid Smart Grid Backlash, 24 pp

Danette Scudder, TVPPA, Bridging the Customer Service Gap, 25 pp

Tobias Sellier, American Public Power Association, Public Communications Roundtable Discussion, 4 p

Dennis Shea, Area Development Site and Facility Planning, What's Hot in Economic Development and Site Selection, 29 pp

Mark Shkolnick, LES, Influencing the Human Side of DSM, 26 pp

John Tamulonis, City of Springfield, PeacehHealth's Sacred Heart Hospital at RiverBend, 25 pp

Josh Timberlake, Deloitte, Trends in Global Site Selection, 18 pp

Josh Timberlake, Deloitte, Location Strategy Trends in Life Sciences and Health Care, 16 pp

Julio Torrado, Keys Energy Services, Successful Communications Case Studies, 21 pp

Jason Tuenge, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, The Indoor LED Revolution, 31 pp

Mary Kay Villegas-Alitz, Independence Power & Light, Planning Successful Customer Events, 7 pp

Craig Vincent, Nebraska Public Power District, Trends in Incentive Rates & Green Power, 14 pp

Allen Wood, Smart Business, Energy Efficiency Program, 7 pp

Kim Weaver, Rocky Mount Public Utilities, Using Community Parterships to Retain Customers, 11 pp

Tom Williams, Eugene Water & Electric Board, How to Make Your Key Account Event a Success, 8 pp

Laurie Zagurski, Omaha Public Power District, Successful Communications Campaigns, 27 pp

Bright Energy Solutions, Energy Services Roundtable: Emerging and Cool Technologies, 26 pp