Monday P.M. Breakout Sessions

Monday, June 19
1:30 – 2:30 p.m.

Recommended CEUs .1 / PDHs 1 / CPEs 1.2

The sessions within each time slot are concurrent. Personalize your conference experience by choosing the session that best meets your needs. Benefit from engaging breakout sessions led by industry experts and public power colleagues. Take home actionable new ideas and tactics.


  1. Environmental Regulations Update
    The fate of the Clean Power Plan remains uncertain. Efforts are under way to keep the Waters of the U.S. rule from imposing additional burdens on public power utilities. New energy efficiency measures are under consideration. Where is all this headed with the new Administration? Get an update on air, water, and waste regulations impacting fossil fuel-fired generation. Prepare for the future with an insider view of emerging environmental policies impacting your utility.

    Carolyn Slaughter, Director of Environmental Services, American Public Power Association, Arlington, Virginia

  2. Preparing to Succeed in RTO Markets
    Operating as a load-serving entity within a Regional Transmission Organization can bring many benefits, but also entails substantial operational and transactional risk. Get valuable information on the RTO-operated markets and guidance on best practices that can maximize the benefits and reduce the risks.

    Patrick McGarry, Managing Director, Midwest, The Energy Authority, Jacksonville, Florida; and John Stephens, Director of Power System Control, City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri

  3. Information Sharing for Cyber and Physical Security
    The Electricity Sector Information Sharing and Analysis Center (E-ISAC) and Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC) are national one-stop shops to gather and analyze security information and to communicate threats and mitigation strategies to utilities as well as industry and government partners. Discover E-ISAC and MS-ISAC resources to improve your utility’s physical and cybersecurity posture. Learn how you can work with these centers to monitor your systems, report suspicious activity, and get and respond to threat alerts.

    Brian Calkin, Vice President of Operations,  Multi-State Information Sharing & Analysis Center, Center for Internet Security, East Greenbush, New York; and Marc Sachs, Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer, North American Electric Reliability Corporation, Washington, D.C.

  4. Safety is Your Business
    How can you keep your employees safe while complying with new safety regulations? Learn from the American Public Power Association’s Safety Manual Revision Task Force chair about major changes in the 2017 Safety Manual, including new OSHA and NESC standards. Discover how you can translate guidelines in the manual into a safety culture at your utility.

    Michael Willetts, Director of Training & Safety, Minnesota Municipal Utilities Association, Plymouth, Minnesota

  5. Smart Meter Data: Challenges and Opportunities
    The overwhelming amounts of data generated by smart meters present significant challenges and opportunities. Learn about potential use cases, cloud data analytics, and utility strategies to manage data. Hear how one utility is leveraging data from its latest AMI projects like a consumer dashboard, remote connect/disconnect, meter data analytics, and OMS-AMI integration.

    William Clarke, Executive Director, RTO Market Services, The Energy Authority, Jacksonville, Florida; and David Werley, Group Manager of Business and Customer Operations, Bryan Texas Utilities

  6. Creating a Culture of Customer Service
    Nurturing relationships and meeting customer needs are as critical to your utility’s success as keeping the lights on. Public power utilities especially need the support and goodwill of customers and communities. Get practical guidance on how to build and sustain a culture of outstanding customer service. Explore the mainstays of good customer service and how all stakeholders — utility employees, governing board members, and city officials —can uphold them.

    Steve VanderMeer, Senior Vice President, Planning and Marketing, Hometown Connections, Fort Collins, Colorado; and David Wright, General Manager, Los Angeles Department of Water & Power, California

  7. Crisis Management and Communications 101: Staying Out of the Headlines
    News travels fast, especially in a crisis. Whether it’s a crisis fueled by safety or environmental issues, or a fiscal or personnel matter, utility leaders must be prepared to manage the potential media blitz right away. Learn when and how to talk to reporters, craft and reiterate key messages, and engage on social media during a crisis. Get tips from the experts on how to manage your reputation, stay out of the news for the wrong reasons, and keep the focus where you want it.

    Tony Cannon, General Manager/CEO, Greenville Utilities Commission, North Carolina; and Bruce Hennes, Managing Partner, Hennes Communications, Cleveland, Ohio

  8. Community Storage: Traditionally Untraditional
    When discussing the future of energy storage solutions, it’s easy to forget the more conventional forms of storage that existed long before batteries became commercially viable. Alternatively, it’s just as easy to assume high costs and discount the idea of new battery technology. Utilities should assess the full gamut of options available to the community, ranging from thermal energy storage to stationary and mobile batteries. Community storage can come in many shapes and sizes. Join us to discuss energy storage efforts being implemented at the community level and learn from relevant case studies.

    Karen Glitman, Director, Strategy, Policy, and Public Affairs, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation, Burlington, Vermont; Sean Hamilton, General Manager, Sterling Municipal Light Department, Massachusetts; and Timothy Hebert, Executive Vice President, Energy New England LLC, Foxborough, Massachusetts



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