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Key to Sessions
Communications & Control
Environmental Generation & Fuels Safety Supply Management
System Planning Transmission & Distribution

Tuesday, May 9

1:30 – 2:45 p.m.

Recommended CEUs .1/ PHDs 1.25/ CPEs 1.5, Specialized Knowledge 

  26. Integrated Data Management: Top 10 Strategies
By combining the capabilities of an AMI system with an MDM/ODM solution, public power utilities are integrating data collection, management, analysis, and reporting to improve operations and customer service. Discover the top 10 strategies to enhance performance by integrating your AMI, AMR, SCADA, CIS, OMS, EA/GIS, demand response, and distribution line management systems.

  • Speakers: Sandra Arnold, Customer Operations Supervisor, City of Georgetown, Texas; and Walter Koopmann, PMP, Director, Client Services, ElectSolve Technology Solutions and Services, Inc., Georgetown, Texas

27. Shut'er Down: Decommissioning and Idling
Changing environmental regulations are increasing the need to decommission power plants. Discuss the process and challenges of decommissioning or idling a power plant — from community involvement to contract procurement to taking down the plant. Benefit from lessons learned by other utilities that have been through the process.

  • Speakers: Shane Bemis, Engineering Manager, Spruce Power Station, CPS Energy, San Antonio, Texas; and Kathleen Garrett, Director of Environmental, Health & Safety Services, Austin Energy, Texas

28. Behavioral Safety: A Human Approach
Discover how one utility’s behavior-based approach helped to nurture effective safety programs over time. Learn from their experiences and take home new ideas to improve your utility’s safety programs.

  • Speaker: Fred W. Bonewell, Chief Safety & Security Officer, CPS Energy, San Antonio, Texas

29. Why Can't I do That? Ethics from the FBI
Ever wondered what is considered crossing the line? Join us for an ethics discussion with a representative from the San Antonio FBI office.

  • Speaker: Jeff Jenson, Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation, San Antonio, Texas

30. Joint Action Agency/ State and Regional Association Roundtable
Meet with your peers to discuss engineering and operations hot topics for joint action agencies and state and regional associations.

  • Presiding: Mark Ennis, Manager of Compliance and Member Services, Alabama Municipal Electric Authority, Montgomery, Ala.

Tuesday, April 5

3:00 – 4:15 p.m.

Recommended CEUs .1/ PHDs 1.25/ CPEs 1.5, Specialized Knowledge 

 31. Solar Rate Design: How to Do It
With an increasing number of customers looking at solar as an option, utilities need to address how to meter and bill appropriately. Learn how to address new challenges in rate design and net metering for customer-sited and community solar projects. 

  • Speakers: Scott Benson, Manager, Resource & Transmission Planning, Lincoln Electric System, Neb.; and Donald Harrod, Village Administrator, Village of Minster, Ohio

32. EVs: Charging Toward a New Future
Electric vehicles are starting to proliferate in communities of all shapes and sizes, presenting new load opportunities for utilities. It’s time to prepare for the future in your community — to plan for infrastructure and to make important cost/benefit decisions. Come and get tips from the experts.

  • Speakers: Joel Danforth, Customer Service Program Manager, Platte River Power Authority, Fort Collins, Colo.; and Marvin Moon, Director of Power Engineering, Los Angeles Department of Water & Power, Calif.

33. Active Shooter Preparedness
What if there is an active shooter in your workplace? Learn what actions you can take and how you can help law enforcement officials respond. Understand how you can recognize workplace violence indicators, prevent and prepare for potential incidents, and manage the consequences if an incident occurs.

  • Speaker: Kyle Weygandt, Director of Member Safety, American Municipal Power, Inc., Columbus, Ohio

34. Stray Voltage and Contact Voltage
Stray voltage and contact voltage is a safety issue you cannot ignore. Learn how to include stray voltage and contact voltage mitigation into your public safety programs. Discover the new technologies and field measurement techniques that have become industry standard for the detection and measurement of contact voltage.

  • Speakers: Stuart Hanebuth, Vice President, Business Development; and David Kalokitis, Chief Technology Officer, Power Survey Company, Kearney, N.J.

35. Decommissioning Power Plants: What Do I Do with this Scrap?
More power plants are being decommissioned as environmental regulations impose new demands. How do you tear down and properly dispose of all the equipment? Come and discuss disposal options and alternatives when decommissioning a large-scale project. 

  • Speakers: Jeffrey Bauguss, P.E., Area Manager, Gulf Business Unit, ERM, Houston, Texas; and Jeremy Wilks, Senior Manager, Mechanical Projects and Engineering Service, CPS Energy, San Antonio, Texas

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