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Other APPA Awards

APPA Century Award

Century Award The award, established in 1987, honors APPA member utilities that have served their consumers and communities continuously with electricity for 100 years.

Eligibility: Any APPA member utility is eligible.

Criteria: Nominees must have served their consumers and communities continuously for 100 years and provide proof (in the form of council minutes or newspaper articles from the time period, etc.) that indicates the date electricity was first distributed.

Deadline: There is no deadline for this award, but please allow APPA three weeks to process your award nomination. Award certificates are mailed after the nominations are processed. A certificate will be sent at the time of a public power utility’s 100-year anniversary.

APPA Honor Roll

Honor Roll Award(Honor Roll does not come framed.)

The Honor Roll was established in 1978 to recognize employees or officials of APPA member utilities who have made significant local contributions to public power.

Eligibility: Any official or employee of an APPA member utility with at least 10 years of public power service is eligible.